VØAR by Kahara

Mixtpe compilada apenas com deep house e jazzy house

Let's Deep Jazzy House
The Hourchild Introduces (Crew Love Records)
Dirtytwo - Back in the Day (Razor-N-Tape Records)
Soul Clap feat. Phill Celeste - Timespent (Crew Love Records)
Harry Wolfman - Rainbow Set (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Sames - Groove Muffin (Godzilla Kebab Recs)
Sam Irl - Keys for K (Jazz & Milk Rec)
András – Water Diviner (House Of Dad Rec)
Bruce Trail - Bridgework (Magic Wire Rec)
Luv Jam & Jimpster - We Play Pads (Freerange Records)
Voyeur - Swingin' For Theo (feat. Yelfris Valdés)(Apparel Music)
Fitzzgerald - Genius Of Love (WotNot Music)
Samrai Meets Ruf Dug - 1st Observation (Hashman Deejay Remix)(Unknown To The Unknown)
Space Music Try with Speed Reduction
The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Mark's Deep House Mix)(
EastWest )



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