Life on Planets x Wolf + Lamb - Deja Vu (Continuous Mix)

Set belíssimo nessa fusão dos duos Wolf+Lamb e Life on Planets by W+L Records.

1 Deniz Kurtel, Tanner Ross feat. PillowTalk ‐ I Knew This Would Happen
2 Lonely C, Baby Prince ‐ I Remember Those Days (Tanner Ross Remix)
3 No Regular Play ‐ Never Had Enough
4 DJ Tennis feat. PillowTalk ‐ The Outcast (Life on Planets Edited Acoustic Version)
5 Mike Gill feat. Robert Owens ‐ Midst of The Moment (Life on Planets Edit)
6 Voices of Black ‐ Modify Love
7 Nicolas Jaar ‐ Time For Us ('17 Remastered)
8 No Regular Play ‐ Keep It Right (Tanner Ross Remix)
9 Aquarius Heaven feat. Dani Sicilianos ‐ Can't Buy Love (Life on Planets Edit)
10 Nick Monaco, David Marston ‐ Cherry Juice (Life on Planets Edit)
11 Greg Paulus ‐ Nightime (Crazy P Remix)
12 Seth Troxler ‐ Aphrika ('17 Remastered)
13 Wolf + Lamb ‐ In The Morning
14 Nicolas Jaar ‐ Mi Mujer ('17 Remastered Edit)
15 PillowTalk feat. Navid Izadi ‐ Weekend Girl



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